European Right-Wingers Call for More Moderate Racist Violence in the wake of Norwegian Massacre

July 27, 2011

In the wake of the attack that killed over 80 people in Norway many have looked beyond the more obvious causes, like video games, hive-mind social democracy squeezing the life out of individual enterprise, and flagrant Islamism, to the links that crazy lone wolf Anders Behring Breivik had with European anti-immigrant political parties.

In the last couple of decades the European right has gained significant mainstream support for their agenda of racial purity through the proper channels and any association with Breivik’s excessive methods could damage their brand. Thus these moderate racists have been at pains to distance themselves from the Norwegian massacre.

Harald Stanghelle, political editor of Norway’s Aftenposten conservative newspaper, said it was unfair to accuse Norway’s anti-immigrant Progress Party of inflaming the passions of individuals such as Breivik, who was once a member.

“It’s totally wrong to hold the Progress Party responsible for extremists like this. A few smaller, anti-immigration groups, anti-multicultural groups, have broken from the party because they believe it is too polite, too mainstream,” Stanghelle said. “But they have to understand that to achieve a safe haven for Aryan values you have to be more genteel, so as not to upset the middle class too much.”

Progress Party leader, Siv Jennson, agreed, “Why do you think we are called the Progress Party and not the Quislings for Ethnic Cleansing Party,” said the well-dressed Jennson. “We focus-grouped a name that spoke to modern bigots, who prefer an image of Muslims being calmly deported or at least ID-chipped rather being dumped into mass graves. That shit is so old-economy.”

More than any other figure it is controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders who has drawn the most attention, given Breivik’s unabashed love for Wilders and his Muslim-baiting ways. But Wilder’s made it clear that he abhorred Breivik and his methods. “If that fucking stupid dead-eyed dork really supported me he would have known how bad it would have looked for all proud European patriots to be linked to 87 young, blond corpses with a bloody hole where their cute smiles used to be.” Wilders, renowned for provocative stands such as his demands for a ‘head rag tax’ said, “Look, I may be a bit too hardcore for the PC-Nazis, but even I know you’ve got a put a suit on that shit and be a bit more subtle than a stump-fucking ogre’s hard-on.”

Leader of the Freedom Party of Austria, Heinz-Christian Strache, who took over after the death of its founder, Neo-Nazi Jörg Haider, claimed that all this talk of immigration overlooked a key common factor in the rise of the European right: their libertarian capitalism, which does more violence to the immigrant poor than any fuckwad with a hunting rifle could manage. “Destroying the social support of poor immigrants is more sustainably achieved through the removal of the welfare state,” Strache claimed. “Not only does this ruin the lives of collectivist Orientals it also foments discontent amongst the working class and this can easily be channeled into racial violence. All without dirtying your own hands.”

Strache added that, “the Freedom Party of Austria appeals to the majority of Austrian families, who want security-state protection from difference as well as freedom to spread and profit from their safe banality. That is not hypocrisy that is finding the middle ground between liberty and security. We all want to get rid of filthy towel-heads and their gay, liberal facilitators, but there is an extreme way to go about it and there is the right way to go about it. Breivik may claim that he will be vindicated in 60 years time, but we are looking to the real long-term, like a thousand years. The only way you are going to get a Christian state based on xenophobia and plutocracy is through consensus and that takes time. Politics is just not as exciting as Call of Duty, if you are in fascism for the thrills then you need to join the army, not our Party.”

"There is no room for loonies in our movement," claims True Finns leader Timo Soini, whose solution to a declining birthrate in Finland is to encourage young women to study less so that they can give birth to more Finnish children.


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