Chrematistics (kriːməˈtɪstɪks) – noun [C18: from Greek, from khrēmatizein to make money, from khrēma  money] – the art of acquisition. What people are really talking about when they refer to ‘economics’: “Aristotle…in the introductory chapter of his Politics distinguished between oikonomía (‘the art of household management’) and chrematistics (khrēmatistiké, ‘the art of acquisition’).” (Cruz, Ivonne & Andri Stahel “Towards A Systemic Development Approach” ) How cute that the analysis of capital accumulation, credit default swaps and mass cannibal futures are seen as issues of ‘household management’. One would almost think ‘economists’ were trying to dress capitalism in the smart casual of production purely for the sake of simple household needs.

This blog moves gracefully from the assumption that this is a wonderful, wonderful chrematistic world, which is why it had to acquire and sell your household and outsource the management to Domesti-Corp.


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